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国营农场® accessibility statement

We are committed to providing excellent service to all of our customers, including those with disabilities. To help accomplish this, our digital content is informed by relevant portions of W3C Web Content 可访问性 Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA级 和 other guidance.

在州立农场, our dedication to making digital content accessible includes, but is not limited to, the implementation of:

  • Company policies on digital accessibility
  • Digital accessibility training for associates
  • Staff 和 resources dedicated to digital accessibility, performing multi-layer accessibility testing of digital content

Our ultimate goal is to surpass the expectations of all of our customers. Comments on how well those expectations are being met are welcome 和 appreciated. Feedback can be provided in the following ways:

By online contact form:

Please select the form below to provide feedback on the accessibility of our digital content.
可访问性 Feedback Form


For technical accessibility issues, contact our support team. 呼叫。 888-559-1922888-559-1922.
If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or do not use your voice to communicate, you may contact us via 711 or other relay services.


Please send any comments or concerns to the following address:
Attention: Digital 可访问性
One 国营农场 Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61710

Last updated: 6/2022